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  • How to Shop Best USB-C Power Adapters for the iPhone?
    The USB-C to lightning connection will be included with your new iPhone. However, there will not be an AC power adapter included.
  • How to Create A Digital ID with Adobe Acrobat?
    A digital ID is required to put your signature on a PDF file. Acrobat can generate a "self-signed" ID for you if you don't already have one.
  • What Is Apple's Self-Service Repair?
    Apple announced today that it would provide its customers who can do their own repairs access to Apple authentic parts and equipment via a new program called Self Service Repair.
  • How to Delete Your iPhone and iPad's History
    You and your wife may have been shopping for an anniversary present on your iPad. You may be worried that your boyfriend will find out that you've been browsing questionable websites on your iPhone. There is a slew of compelling reasons to delete browsing data from Safari. It's a snap to accomplish on an iPad or iPhone.
  • Nomad Base Station Pro Review: Luxury Wireless Charging at A Luxury Price
    The Base Station Pro, Nomad's newest wireless charger, was unveiled this week and employed Aira wireless charging technology that would allow up to three devices to charge no matter where they are put on the charging pad. Since its first announcement in October of this year, the Base Station Pro has been under development.
  • Avast Premium Security for Mac Review: Excellent, But Should You Buy It?
    Although Avast Premium Security is a great value, the real question is whether or not you're willing to shell out the cash. At $70 a year for a single device, Avast isn't cheap, but $90 per year for ten devices isn't bad either. Furthermore, because Avast Free for Mac provides so much value, purchasing the premium version may not be worthwhile in the long run for most users.
  • HTML5 Video Player as Flash Alternative by YouTube
    The Adobe Flash plugin is no longer required to watch videos on YouTube, as HTML5 video is now supported in supported browsers. For now, though, this is an encouraging sign that the HTML5 standard is gaining traction in the television industry, even though the informative's attempt to use it failed.
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  • Ways to Create Labels with Pages
    A good alternative to Microsoft Word is Apple's Pages word-processing software. For less money, you get a lot of great layout and design options in a smaller, more compact package. It's a wonderful option for a startup company that doesn't want to spend much money on professional-looking documents. However, there is one area where it falls short: Avery label integration. Pages have a very limited selection of built-in Avery templates. The good news is that Pages allows you to generate your labels if you know the dimensions of the labels you wish to print.
  • What to Do If Your Mac Refuses to Accept Your Password
    You can't log in because your Mac won't accept the correct password. It's a problem that a lot of Mac users have faced. Even if you input the correct password into the login window, the Mac will reject it despite your embarrassment. There is a problem with your Mac's ability to accept the password. However, despite your confusion, there are a few reasons why your mac password doesn't work.
  • 10 Lesser-Known Apple Maps Features You Should Check Out
    Perhaps you don't consider Apple Maps as good as Google Maps. Honestly, I don't think it is. However, it's already built into your iPhone, and it becomes better and better at safeguarding your privacy as time goes on.
  • How to Free Up iCloud Storage Space
    While it's possible to buy more iCloud storage or use one of the finest cloud storage services, a good first step is to clean up your iCloud storage by deleting unnecessary items. In this post, we'll go through quick ways to clear up iCloud storage.
  • How to Stop Apple Watch From Waking You At Night
    If you enjoy using your Apple Watch to track your sleep but are having trouble getting the screen to dim or turn off, you're not the only one. After upgrading to Apple's newest watchOS, it occurred to me. My watch's bright light wakes me up every time I try to go back to sleep, making it much more difficult.
  • Fitbit Versa Review: The First Non-Apple SmartWatch
    Runners will be disappointed that the Versa 2 does not include built-in GPS, which could be a bargain for some. It has been one of the nicest $200-plus wearables available.
  • What Is The Main Difference Between OLED and LCD?
    There are essentially two distinct varieties of screens available for the iPhone. LCD, which stands for liquid-crystal display, is the first kind of display. Let's look at two components that make LCDs operate to simplify the explanation.

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