• What Is Apple's Self-Service Repair?
    Apple announced today that it would provide its customers who can do their own repairs access to Apple authentic parts and equipment via a new program called Self Service Repair.
  • How to Delete Your iPhone and iPad's History
    You and your wife may have been shopping for an anniversary present on your iPad. You may be worried that your boyfriend will find out that you've been browsing questionable websites on your iPhone. There is a slew of compelling reasons to delete browsing data from Safari. It's a snap to accomplish on an iPad or iPhone.
  • What to Do If Your Mac Refuses to Accept Your Password
    You can't log in because your Mac won't accept the correct password. It's a problem that a lot of Mac users have faced. Even if you input the correct password into the login window, the Mac will reject it despite your embarrassment. There is a problem with your Mac's ability to accept the password. However, despite your confusion, there are a few reasons why your mac password doesn't work.
  • 10 Lesser-Known Apple Maps Features You Should Check Out
    Perhaps you don't consider Apple Maps as good as Google Maps. Honestly, I don't think it is. However, it's already built into your iPhone, and it becomes better and better at safeguarding your privacy as time goes on.
  • How to Free Up iCloud Storage Space
    While it's possible to buy more iCloud storage or use one of the finest cloud storage services, a good first step is to clean up your iCloud storage by deleting unnecessary items. In this post, we'll go through quick ways to clear up iCloud storage.
  • How to Stop Apple Watch From Waking You At Night
    If you enjoy using your Apple Watch to track your sleep but are having trouble getting the screen to dim or turn off, you're not the only one. After upgrading to Apple's newest watchOS, it occurred to me. My watch's bright light wakes me up every time I try to go back to sleep, making it much more difficult.
  • How to Stop Airdrop in iOS with Screen Time?
    AirDrop is a wonderful technology that enables users of iPhones, iPads, and Macs to quickly and easily share anything, including photographs and URLs, for example.
  • Apple Watch Series 7: Prices, Preorders, and The Best Deals
    On Friday, October 8, at nine in the morning Eastern Time (ET), the Apple Watch Series 7 is available to order.
  • How to Solve the Issue of Kernel Panic?
    A computer malfunction known as a "kernel panic" occurs if there is a fatal error at a low level and the operating system's kernel cannot remedy it.
  • BetterTouchTool Review
    Indeed, Apple does not provide many possibilities for customization inside the macOS operating system. At the same time, we cannot dismiss the importance of tools such as BetterTouchTool.
  • How to Use Keychain Access to View and Manage Passwords on Your Mac
    Your Mac can, thankfully, remember your passwords and fill them in for you automatically whenever required. It will preserve a safe record of all the passwords you have stored in the Keychain, which you can access and alter in the future if necessary.
  • How to Disable Live Photos on Your iPhone or iPad
    You can record and preserve endearing movies of newborns or puppies giggling and wagging their tails while photographed. However, there are a few drawbacks to using Live Photos, such as storage and privacy concerns.
  • Where to Buy An Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter
    Apple has discontinued its Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, which is the connector required by modern iOS devices to connect to devices with a connector that has a 30-pin. The connector with a 30-pin pin first appeared on the iPod in 2003 and was the first connector utilized by earlier versions of the iPhone or iPad. It was replaced with Lightning in iPhones and iPads in 2012.
  • How to Unlock Your iPhone on Verizon, AT and T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile
    There is no need to tie yourself to one provider with a locked phone for months are all but gone. While we used to be locked into contracts of 24 months with phones that could not be used on the other networks, now the wireless provider must unlock your phone when you ask for it.
  • iPhone 13 Mini Review: The Best Phone to Buy in 2022
    The iPhone 13 miniature is by far the ideal iPhone for those looking for the smallest device running iOS. iOS platform. In reality, it's the most compact phone available today. It's extremely powerful. The camera is top-of-the-line, and the battery life is far superior to those of the iPhone 12 mini. It's not the most powerful iPhone on the market, but if you're searching for a smaller device, you're in the right place.
  • How to Use Disk Utility on a Mac
    OS X has Disk Utility, capable of a wide range of helpful and frightful operations. Inexperienced Mac users are typically advised to avoid this useful application, and for a good reason, since it may be a nuisance. On your Mac computer, internal and external storage devices may be managed with Disk Utility. Physical storage devices like hard drives may be formatted and managed with Disk Utility.
  • How to Stop Outgoing Calls on Your iPhone: The Ultimate Guide
    Learn how to block outgoing calls on your iPhone with these simple steps.
  • How to Reset Bluetooth Settings on Mac
    If Bluetooth isn't working properly on Mac, it isn't capable of connecting AirPods, Wireless Headphones, and other Bluetooth-connected devices.
  • A Complete Guide to Remove Mackeeper from Mac
    There's a utility called MacKeeper meant to make it easier for you to get rid of unwanted apps, garbage files, and clutter from your Mac. It has tools for securely erasing files and making backups, among other functions.
  • The Complete Guide to Apple Music (2022)
    Are you wondering to know if Apple music worth your money and time? This article will help you decide that easily.
  • Apple iPhone Silicone Case Review: A Comprehensive Look
    If you are looking for a great new case to protect your Apple iPhone, then that is the place to come. In this review article, you will see how this silicone case works and if it's worth your money!
  • Best iPhone for Children
    Because the iPhone has a user-friendly interface, it is easily accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. The next generation is more technologically savvy and can operate the iPhone easily. Furthermore, children desire iPhones. They have seen their favorite celebrities use them, they have seen their parents use them, and some of their friends also have them in their possession. As a result, we are powerless to prevent them from using it. 
  • How to Make a GIF on Your iPhone?
    Nowadays, GIF creation is automated and easier than expected. All you need is a smartphone to make the GIF. You can create the GIF online on your iPhone using the three easiest methods. Make the GIF from videos or pictures on iPhone by using the apps, Shortcuts, GIPHY, and by using live photos. Let's begin!
  • A Guide about Apple Purchase History
    Most of us have bought or downloaded an app that we would want our family and friends not to know about. Apps may be hidden or deleted from your iCloud and purchase history, whether it's because they're a knockoff or something you'd prefer to forget about.
  • How to Use AirPods with Apple TV?
    If you have an AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, the Apple TV can broadcast audio straight to those headphones, so you can watch movies, play games, or use Apple Fitness+ without bothering anyone else.
  • Everything You Need to Know About AirTag
    When it comes to keeping track of misplaced accessories, AirTags are beneficial. On the other hand, Bluetooth trackers are very effective in tracking people. Apple provides consumers with the ability to deactivate AirTags on the fly to avoid unwanted tracking. This may be accomplished in a few simple steps.

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