• Talk about 5G cloud dedicated line
    Dedicated line connects the company’s office with the operator’s own transmission backbone network directly, where a 5G cloud dedicated line is a connection channel with the local data center that uses a 5G access network.
  • What exactly is the "passive Internet of Things "?
    Passive Internet of Things has no external power supply and has no battery, which means the terminal node devices connected to the network do not have any built-in battery.
  • iOS 15 conscience update, the whole world will help you find headphones
    With the emergence of AirPods, the wireless headphones, Apple has canceled the headphone jack in iPhone products.
  • Global Minimum Tax Rate
    Due to a unified 15% tax rate, the pressure on multinational giants will increase.
  • iPhone with USB-C?
    The European Union is working to promote USB-C as a universal charging interface.
  • Google’s Drone Delivery Service
    Drone express is not suitable in cosmopolitan cities.
  • To transform 4000 data centers, the United States will extract rare earths from used hard disks
    First introduce the factors that affect the running speed of electronic devices, and then point out that in order to improve the performance and running speed of devices, the development of electronic components is more and more rapid, and finally lead out that the development of hard disk drive is slow, or it will be eliminated.
  • Application of GPS on the Moon
    Human beings use tools to avoid getting lost, and Masten Space Systems proposes building a GPS for the Moon.
  • How do NASA and SpaceX plan to send humans to Mars
    We need to overcome many things to send humans to Mars, and the size of spaceship is one of them
  • Choose the best headphones for your personal listening
    Good headphones can bring you a better listening experience. This article introduces two styles, one is old-fashioned, the other is high-end.
  • U.S. robots make bold claims: robots will "take over the world", will Hawking's fears become true?
    Summary: The development of artificial intelligence is advanced currently, the emergence of talking robots make some people worried that artificial intelligence may threaten human beings, but as a new thing, its emergence and development will certainly be controversial.
  • The New US Government has Announced Its Continued Support for the Plan of Returning to the Moon, While the Chance of Landing on the Moon in 2024 is still in doubt
    The New US Government has announced its continued support for the plan of Returning to the Moon, while NASA now faces a lot of difficulties to land on the Moon in 2024.
  • Way to restore Mac previous documents
    Incremental automatic saving is one of the most useful computational techniques, and you can find previous versions by clicking File >' Restore to >' Browse All Versions.

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